“Fix Society Please”

True words of wisdom from someone I love dearly who is on the journey of a lifetime and absolutely rockin’ it!


IMAG0574Let me help you to deal with transgender people in the correct way, by now if you have landed here, you might know someone who is transgender.  It is not the end of the world, but it is in fact the end of the old person you used to know.  What do I mean by this, well a new person will be emerging as this person becomes who they have always thought themselves to be.  The old person, will be left in the past and a new one will emerge, with a new name and pronouns.  Often in the case of a MTF or Male to female, with a fabulous new wardrobe.  There will be changes in this person, some of overflowing happiness, now they don’t have to hide.  They will be looking at the world through fresh new eyes and possibilities.  Some changes also will be of confusion and struggle. The choice is…

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The Beauty of Positivity–Michelle’s Dream

Thanks so much to Jocelyn Nielson for this guest blog opportunity!

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as told by Michelle Frost

It’s strange for me to think that just a few short years ago, I had no ideas or plans of what my future would look like. As I entered my forties, my two oldest children left home and I was left realizing that I hadn’t spent much time at all considering what my life would look like when I wasn’t tending to someone else’s needs most of the time. My youngest was just entering junior high school, so I knew I had a few years before I had to make any big decisions about what to do with myself. I’ve been a stay at home mom most of the time since my kids were born, and we also homeschooled them, so I hadn’t really built a career for myself. I really felt that I had no identity aside from my roles as wife and mother…

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