I Don’t Know What I’m Doing Either, But We Might as Well Have Some Fun!

Well, here we are. Don’t you just love that new blog smell?

It’s true what they say – the first step is the hardest. Watching that stupid cursor blink while you’re trying to come up with something pithy and wise to share with the world can be maddening. But I’ll share a little bit about where I am and what I hope to accomplish with this blog.

I’m at a point in my life where I’ve come to a few realizations. One is that nobody knows what they’re doing. Not really. Nobody has their shit together all the time. We don’t like to tell our kids this but we don’t know what we’re doing, we’re scared to death we’re gonna mess it up and we don’t really believe we’re adults anyway so how the hell did we get to this point?!? *Deep breaths* We’re gonna get through this together!


So here we are all together on the Internet, trying to make it through life without going off the rails and maybe hoping to have a little fun along the way. And as we bump along, we’re going to make mistakes but we’re also going to learn a lot (hopefully). And that’s what this blog is all about – learning and having fun. I’d love this to be a place to share hard-earned wisdom, funny stories, hopes, dreams and failures. I’d love to hear from other people – moms, dads, men, women, kids, anybody who has something positive to add to the conversation(s).

There’s going to be lots of sharing about parenting, about love, about travel, work, kids, relationships, family, and everything else life has to throw at us. I love to hear about what Oprah used to call “Aha Moments” – you know that moment when the light bulb comes on and something finally clicks? I love to hear people’s stories – where they come from, what they’re about, what struggles they’ve overcome and where they’re going. I love people that are living a bit left of center. Or hell, maybe a *lot* left of center! I love people with new ideas and different ways of living and doing their thing. I love it when people throw off expectations and “shoulds” and just do their thang. Like one of my favorite singers, Michael Franti says, “All the freaky people make the beauty of the world”.

I hope to connect with other people who want to share their lives and stories. I hope to share some stuff that I’ve learned along the way and stuff that I’m still learning. I hope to share cool music and positive stories and good advice and stuff that makes me belly laugh. (Also, full disclosure – there will be cursing and real talk, so if that isn’t your thing, consider this your warning.)

So hey, nice to meet you. Check back or subscribe – we’re gonna have some fun!

chris pratt


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